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Pest Control — Pest in Alstonville, NSW
Caban's Pest Control uses the latest environmentally friendly chemicals that are safe for humans and domestic pets but highly effective on all domestic pests including termites.
All our pest control services and termite treatments are backed by a full written warranty.
Caban's provides extremely thorough control and management of -
  • Termites - Extremely destructive and aggressive pests estimated to affect one in every four homes. Click through for detailed information on Caban's Pest Control's specialist termite treatment services.
  • Cockroaches - a widespread pest, cockroaches carry and spread disease-causing bacteria.
  • Ants - the population of their colonies can be in the millions, difficult to eliminate once entrenched.
  • Spiders - while some spiders are beneficial others can be deadly.
  • Silverfish - the damage to clothes and paper products caused by these primitive insects is often unsighted until it's too late.
  • Fleas - a parasite known to carry harmful bacteria. Secondary infection from scratching is also possible.
  • Bird Lice - can cause severe irritation and intense itching often leading to secondary infection. They can rapidly infest a dwelling once their original host leave the nest.
  • Wasps - very common in the summer, wasps are aggressive and their stings very painful.
  • Borers - their damage to floorboards, skirting, architraves and wooden furniture is often unseen.
  • Carpet Beetles - their larvae damage many animal-based fabrics containing wool, silk or fur.
  • Rats and Mice - destructive and dangerous pests able to gnaw through wood, furniture, books, electric cabling and even appliances. They eat and contaminate large amounts of food with their saliva and faeces along with spreading disease through lice, fleas, ticks and mites.
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